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Kaizen is a Lean concept meaning “good change.”

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Do you remember the story of the 3 Little Pigs?

They left Mama Pig in the sty, and set off with big hopes for their adult pig lives. Each pig built himself a house-

one from straw, one from sticks, and one solid brick house.

When the Big Bad Wolf came around, trying to make a snack of those little pigs,

he was easily able to blow down the straw and stick houses.

And those two piggies ran off to their brother’s brick house to hide.

So what does that have to do with entrepreneurs?

If your business is missing a framework, documented standards of work, a training plan, and metrics…

GUESS WHAT- your business is built of straw or sticks.

If you want to avoid getting blown over by unexpected obstacles and changes, you need a



Let us help you build your Brick House!

Emily Monforton Stanley

Emily Monforton Stanley

CEO and Founder


Emily is a Training Specialist and certified Lean Professional.  She specializes in Process Improvement and Curriculum Development and believes that training is the key to sustainable growth. She loves helping visionary entrepreneurs and small business owners set up a solid foundation and framework with concrete action steps and training plans. 

She has a Master’s degree in Education and over twelve years of experience in teaching and training.  In her career, she has worked with students from elementary school to adult learners in classroom, boardroom, and manufacturing settings.  

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another…”

1 Peter 4:10


Self-Paced Online Mini-Courses


Clear, concise online modules accessible 24/7. 

Licensing available for corporate or business use.

VIP Day Intensives


Work one-on-one with Emily to develop your Brick House Blueprint. Save time and energy with a focused intensive rather than long-term projects!

Strategy Sessions


Need help with one aspect of your business foundation? Schedule a one-time call to gain clarity and action steps!


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