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The classroom is one of my happy places- the sight of bright posters and bins inside cubbies, the distinctive smell of pencil shavings, the buzz of excitement for a new day.  As a kid, I devoured any book I could get my hands on (if the library had a limit on the number of books for checkout I would have been in trouble).  I knew I wanted to be involved in education in some fashion from a very early age.


I do realize, however, that not everyone had the same experience that I did.  For a lot of students- both children and adults- classwork meant struggling to understand concepts, trying to absorb information in a secondary language, or dealing with teachers who did not customize material for their learning style.


When I taught at the elementary level, we had a major focus on data collection of each child’s ability level, strengths, and points of improvement.  Each lesson was differentiated so students could feel successful when the task was complete.  When I transitioned to working with adult learners, it struck me that we were teaching just one way- as if the elementary students with different gifts somehow became adults who can magically learn all content via PowerPoint presentations!


I saw this firsthand at my corporate training job- manufacturing operators who had been out of school for years were dreading coming in for a day of training in a classroom.  It became my personal mission to make that day not only valuable but enjoyable for them.  Training programs are wasteful unless they include content accessible and approachable to all. 


My goal is to create positive change in business through purposeful training- whether that is one-on-one strategy sessions for entrepreneurs, corporate training events, or online courses. It would be my honor to work with YOU and your team!


What Creating Kaizen Does Best

Process improvement

Guidance on evaluating current state processes, locating points of improvement, and designing future state to maximize results.

curriculum design

Outlining and/or developing a training curriculum around a development topic or concept, including onboarding new employees and team members.

framework mapping

Mapping a business framework with entrepreneurs to guide their offers and marketing- in alignment with their purpose and values.

group training

Small group sessions ranging from one hour to one full day (online or in person).

online courses

Self-paced training accessible 24/7 including completion certificates.

one-on-one consultation

Creation of an action plan to address missing pieces in business foundations.

Emily M Stanley, LLC is committed to anti-racist efforts in our business practices. We are focused on educating ourselves and others about discrimination of all kinds (racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, and more). We believe that all people are valuable and that Black Lives Matter. We invest our time and money to support Black-owned businesses and BIPOC entrepreneurs. When you work with our team, we WILL call attention to any discriminatory practices we see and we will expect action to correct those practices. If you are not comfortable with this, we are not the right fit for your business. If you believe in the same values, WELCOME and we cannot wait to connect with you.

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