Need handouts for your Lean Training?

Our training templates are available for purchase! Templates include a blank form for student use, a sample for instructor use, and explanations of use. Digital files (PDF form) are emailed to you immediately after purchase!

PDCA Process Outline

Problem Solving process steps, including explanation of each step.


Fishbone Template

A cause-and-effect brainstorming guide for problem solving, including a sample completed diagram.


5 Why Template

A brainstorming guide for Root Cause Analysis, including a sample completed diagram.


Makigami Process Outline

Steps to create a process map based on touchpoints, average cycle times, and resources. Includes simple example to follow.


Multi-Moment Study Template

Guided template for recording Value Add/Non-Value Add work done by a machine over time. Includes example study.


Detail Study Template

Template for recording tasks completed by an operator during a set time period, including Value Add/Non-Value Add designations. Includes example study.


Spaghetti Diagram Template

Printable guide for mapping distance traveled by an operator, product, or document. Includes sample diagram.


Problem Solving Bundle

Includes Fishbone, 5-Why, and PDCA Templates.


Data Collection Bundle

Includes Spaghetti Diagram, Multimoment Study, and Detail Study Printables.


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